Saturday, January 24, 2009


life is so unpredictable. sometimes you find yourself under waiting to something and sometimes on top saying that i found it. i dont know how can i see my self. some says "where are you going?" "dont you want to come with us?" then i ask myself. am i loner or center of attraction? i want to see for it!
my own point of view to life in every begining theres an end. means after our life theres death. my problems sometimes help me but sometimes degrade. an example that in this world there is an opposition that we need to balance so we can live. problems have solution, you cant run nor hide from it. we have to solve it and find the easiest way. but me, i cant! im afraid to face the fact and to see the truth. im trying but now a then i failed. i see to myself that death is the best and easiest way to escape every problem you have to face. eventhough its against the moral law. suicide takes place to solution. weird right? but its true. people says their strong that they can pass thier problem. but when the problem is there theire running. trying to freak out and escape the reality. until they decided to take the easiest. see. thats the reality.
i change myview untl they came. my friends, family,love one. they help me to see the right path. even if sometimes yelling is the best way to soften a knuckle head. they teach me how to face everyone,everything,even my problems. i consult my friend. i tell to him my proble. he help me to overcome every trails that is should take. i felt overwhelmed because never in my life that i found a friend that can understand aa person like me. i said to him that i hate my life. every problem revolve around me. he also tell me his past which i use it as guidelines. im trying to recover all,refresh everything, and be a opthimistic.
since then, i thank him a lot for giving a word. i promise to him and to myself tha i wont give up to everything that come into my life. proble,trials and good. and also i will not escape.the only thing for sure is that i will think anything as a solution not a suicide. easy but positive and for real.


  1. hey! don't think of those things! you know, even if sometimes, I admit, we play tricks on you, but deep inside, we really care for you and that's the truth!! so don't be lonely! instead, live life and be happy! =)

  2. yes i knew it. sometimes i took it for granted and ignore it. because of my sensitiveness. it dig it to my heart and hurt me soo much.. thank you 4 everything.