Thursday, February 12, 2009

That's What Friends are For! ФλΞ

When your felling down or alone and there' no one to lean on. No family or love one, there's still left. Your "FRIENDS". Friends who will help you when you feel there's no one there,
a friend who will pull you up instead of pulling you down,
a friend who will agree to what you want even if all disagree,
a friend who will listen and talk to you when ever you need,
a friend who will share things and let it be a sample to you,
a friend who will understand you even if there's none,
a friend who will help you to get up when ever your down,
a friend who will let you to lean on when ever you want to cry,
a friend who will say that your strong even though u aren't,
a friend who will company you in the dark to get you to the right path,
a friend who will shout if your to far then pull you back and a friend who will teach you a lot of thoughts, and reason.
A reason to live,
to love,
to be free,
and a reason to stay still where you are.


Sunday, February 1, 2009


Tonight, I'll teach about something that can last a love forever. For all men out there, do you know how to be a great boyfriend or a lover to your partner? And for the women, do you know if your partner or boyfriend is great or something rare? Then I'll teach you the real thing about a

1. HE will always make time for you no matter what happen.

2. HE will respect all of your ideas and decisions.

3. HE will talk to you about serious stuff all the times.

4. HE will treat your friends really well.

5. HE will let you make up your own mind.

6. HE will comfort you when you really need someone until you feel better.

7. HE will always remember special days or occasions for a reason.

8. HE will occasionally do something really romantic.

9. HE will love you for who you are and often tell you that.

10. and lastly, HE will know and tell you when to leave you alone and give you space and time for you to think.

Guys, if you have all of that. I can say your partner is really lucky and your love will last forever without LUST. And for the ladies, I swear to all of you that if you have this guy. Marry him immediately don't let him to go and leave him. Because a guy like that is so hard to find. Definitely! I say this because there are so many women crying saying that their partner left them. I feel sorry about them. So do a little test before you fall deeply.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Unfortunated Day! ФλΞ

Ugh! A very unfortunate day. We're doing are project in presentation skills in IT. We're creating a movie named "The Vicente Cruz Street" while we're doing it was so very happy, because this is our first time to do such like this before. We're so very proud of it.

But when our shooting continues, I found myself very miserable. First, I didn't eat any food. That's so very sucks it give me headache and stomachache. I barrow any money to my friend to overcome my hunger. So after that. I decided to go home to see my parents and brothers, I said to my group mates that I'll go home for a while then they freely agreed because we don't have a job to do yet. Then after a few minutes when I get to our house. I see first may parents then say good night to my brothers, then I sat for a while then I ask my father's permission to barrow his motor. He agreed and later on I drove back to the house of one of our group mates. When i get to their house there's no group mates. But the father of my classmate said that they take their dinner somewhere else. I found them, their eating while almost done. Then one of my classmates barrow the motor then he drive around their street. When he came back. There is one concern people that tells me that my tire is flat. So we went to look for a remedy because I don't have any transportation back home and else my father will be mad at me. We look anywhere but still the tire is flat. I give up, so I requested that my motor will put in their house. It is okay he said. I call my father to tell what happen. As expected he scolded me. then i suggested to go home. When I get home, their as sleep. I'm sleepy too, i said to myself. When I woke up, I take my daily routine and leave our house without eating. See.. unfortunate right? When I got to their house they all asleep. I waited them within an hour. Then look again for a repair shop. We found it! After that, we decide to go to school
. When we get there. We decided to take a shot on me so that the film will be done. But when were taking my shot, the digital camera suddenly dies. Shit! Bad luck! I hate that! I really hate it.

Woh! the worst day ever. See how unfortunate and badluck am I? Hahaha. Thanks for the people who read this short true-to-life story..


Sunday, January 25, 2009

HEAVEN: you, me, us ФλΞ

according to bible. heaven is the place where you, i and us will go after death. then we will met our lord. in wikipedia, it may refer to the physical heavens, the sky or the seemingly endless expanses of the universe beyond. in science it states that heaven consist of many planets, stars, meteor and milky ways. for you? what is heaven?

i ask myself this questions."what is heaven?" "why they called it heaven?" "how can i attain to go in there?" this are the questions that inspires me to do this. first, what is heaven? there are many thoughts about heaven. you can see it in the first of my text. maybe, heaven is the place where there is peace, love, harmony, quiet etc. any place in this world may call heaven. for like me heaven is a summation of love. from your family, relatives, peer groups and love one. prosperity in our hearth can do a big part in our life. to attain heaven thru our hearths, thoughts, feelings, and doings. we have to consider every part of our self-thinking. espicially our conscience. having a family, friends and love one can also help us to attain heaven. they can help us by giving love. it will fill our emotional needs that lead us to a overwhelming feelings. they says that money can buy happiness, becaus happiness can lead us to heaven. do you believe in it? for me i dis agree. money is a devil that brought us to a dangerous unsuspisciously crime. stealing is a exaple. many cant buy happiness. it could only buy what you need and not your spirtual need. it can cause you a lot problems. and last, we should believe in GOD, praise and adore him. his the one who can forgive our sins and have mercy on us so that our hearts will be clean and back into shape.
i could say that i am in heaven because i have my family here. buddies out there. love one who fulfill my needs. GOD that never let me get down instead leading me to the right place in HEAVEN. its enough for me to have them,. i dont need money or anything else. im full with love with GOD, my family, friends and my love one.


Saturday, January 24, 2009


life is so unpredictable. sometimes you find yourself under waiting to something and sometimes on top saying that i found it. i dont know how can i see my self. some says "where are you going?" "dont you want to come with us?" then i ask myself. am i loner or center of attraction? i want to see for it!
my own point of view to life in every begining theres an end. means after our life theres death. my problems sometimes help me but sometimes degrade. an example that in this world there is an opposition that we need to balance so we can live. problems have solution, you cant run nor hide from it. we have to solve it and find the easiest way. but me, i cant! im afraid to face the fact and to see the truth. im trying but now a then i failed. i see to myself that death is the best and easiest way to escape every problem you have to face. eventhough its against the moral law. suicide takes place to solution. weird right? but its true. people says their strong that they can pass thier problem. but when the problem is there theire running. trying to freak out and escape the reality. until they decided to take the easiest. see. thats the reality.
i change myview untl they came. my friends, family,love one. they help me to see the right path. even if sometimes yelling is the best way to soften a knuckle head. they teach me how to face everyone,everything,even my problems. i consult my friend. i tell to him my proble. he help me to overcome every trails that is should take. i felt overwhelmed because never in my life that i found a friend that can understand aa person like me. i said to him that i hate my life. every problem revolve around me. he also tell me his past which i use it as guidelines. im trying to recover all,refresh everything, and be a opthimistic.
since then, i thank him a lot for giving a word. i promise to him and to myself tha i wont give up to everything that come into my life. proble,trials and good. and also i will not escape.the only thing for sure is that i will think anything as a solution not a suicide. easy but positive and for real.