Thursday, February 12, 2009

That's What Friends are For! ФλΞ

When your felling down or alone and there' no one to lean on. No family or love one, there's still left. Your "FRIENDS". Friends who will help you when you feel there's no one there,
a friend who will pull you up instead of pulling you down,
a friend who will agree to what you want even if all disagree,
a friend who will listen and talk to you when ever you need,
a friend who will share things and let it be a sample to you,
a friend who will understand you even if there's none,
a friend who will help you to get up when ever your down,
a friend who will let you to lean on when ever you want to cry,
a friend who will say that your strong even though u aren't,
a friend who will company you in the dark to get you to the right path,
a friend who will shout if your to far then pull you back and a friend who will teach you a lot of thoughts, and reason.
A reason to live,
to love,
to be free,
and a reason to stay still where you are.


1 comment:

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