Sunday, February 1, 2009


Tonight, I'll teach about something that can last a love forever. For all men out there, do you know how to be a great boyfriend or a lover to your partner? And for the women, do you know if your partner or boyfriend is great or something rare? Then I'll teach you the real thing about a

1. HE will always make time for you no matter what happen.

2. HE will respect all of your ideas and decisions.

3. HE will talk to you about serious stuff all the times.

4. HE will treat your friends really well.

5. HE will let you make up your own mind.

6. HE will comfort you when you really need someone until you feel better.

7. HE will always remember special days or occasions for a reason.

8. HE will occasionally do something really romantic.

9. HE will love you for who you are and often tell you that.

10. and lastly, HE will know and tell you when to leave you alone and give you space and time for you to think.

Guys, if you have all of that. I can say your partner is really lucky and your love will last forever without LUST. And for the ladies, I swear to all of you that if you have this guy. Marry him immediately don't let him to go and leave him. Because a guy like that is so hard to find. Definitely! I say this because there are so many women crying saying that their partner left them. I feel sorry about them. So do a little test before you fall deeply.


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