Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Unfortunated Day! ФλΞ

Ugh! A very unfortunate day. We're doing are project in presentation skills in IT. We're creating a movie named "The Vicente Cruz Street" while we're doing it was so very happy, because this is our first time to do such like this before. We're so very proud of it.

But when our shooting continues, I found myself very miserable. First, I didn't eat any food. That's so very sucks it give me headache and stomachache. I barrow any money to my friend to overcome my hunger. So after that. I decided to go home to see my parents and brothers, I said to my group mates that I'll go home for a while then they freely agreed because we don't have a job to do yet. Then after a few minutes when I get to our house. I see first may parents then say good night to my brothers, then I sat for a while then I ask my father's permission to barrow his motor. He agreed and later on I drove back to the house of one of our group mates. When i get to their house there's no group mates. But the father of my classmate said that they take their dinner somewhere else. I found them, their eating while almost done. Then one of my classmates barrow the motor then he drive around their street. When he came back. There is one concern people that tells me that my tire is flat. So we went to look for a remedy because I don't have any transportation back home and else my father will be mad at me. We look anywhere but still the tire is flat. I give up, so I requested that my motor will put in their house. It is okay he said. I call my father to tell what happen. As expected he scolded me. then i suggested to go home. When I get home, their as sleep. I'm sleepy too, i said to myself. When I woke up, I take my daily routine and leave our house without eating. See.. unfortunate right? When I got to their house they all asleep. I waited them within an hour. Then look again for a repair shop. We found it! After that, we decide to go to school
. When we get there. We decided to take a shot on me so that the film will be done. But when were taking my shot, the digital camera suddenly dies. Shit! Bad luck! I hate that! I really hate it.

Woh! the worst day ever. See how unfortunate and badluck am I? Hahaha. Thanks for the people who read this short true-to-life story..



  1. one more thing, we already took a shot from you, but before time comes, then, suddenly, we brang the laptop on taxi, without taking the import videos from our digital camera which was left home. thank God, we're given another 24hours to fix this misfortune.. x_x

  2. yeah.. Mr. Zaldy was avery nice gay.. imean guy XD hehehe.. so are you di=one with our movie presentation?