Sunday, January 25, 2009

HEAVEN: you, me, us ФλΞ

according to bible. heaven is the place where you, i and us will go after death. then we will met our lord. in wikipedia, it may refer to the physical heavens, the sky or the seemingly endless expanses of the universe beyond. in science it states that heaven consist of many planets, stars, meteor and milky ways. for you? what is heaven?

i ask myself this questions."what is heaven?" "why they called it heaven?" "how can i attain to go in there?" this are the questions that inspires me to do this. first, what is heaven? there are many thoughts about heaven. you can see it in the first of my text. maybe, heaven is the place where there is peace, love, harmony, quiet etc. any place in this world may call heaven. for like me heaven is a summation of love. from your family, relatives, peer groups and love one. prosperity in our hearth can do a big part in our life. to attain heaven thru our hearths, thoughts, feelings, and doings. we have to consider every part of our self-thinking. espicially our conscience. having a family, friends and love one can also help us to attain heaven. they can help us by giving love. it will fill our emotional needs that lead us to a overwhelming feelings. they says that money can buy happiness, becaus happiness can lead us to heaven. do you believe in it? for me i dis agree. money is a devil that brought us to a dangerous unsuspisciously crime. stealing is a exaple. many cant buy happiness. it could only buy what you need and not your spirtual need. it can cause you a lot problems. and last, we should believe in GOD, praise and adore him. his the one who can forgive our sins and have mercy on us so that our hearts will be clean and back into shape.
i could say that i am in heaven because i have my family here. buddies out there. love one who fulfill my needs. GOD that never let me get down instead leading me to the right place in HEAVEN. its enough for me to have them,. i dont need money or anything else. im full with love with GOD, my family, friends and my love one.


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